My passion always was to tell visual stories. Influenced by great movies of my childhood I made the first movie at the age of 12. I learned from the best at my studies for film directing at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York, from several workshops and simply by creating, directing and producing a lot of film projects.

The art and skills of storytelling and directing actors are a result of my years of commitment to the craft of writing and directing as well as working as an editor for two decades. I worked on movies, TV-shows and various other formats. From little independent films to big shows.

Today my reputation as a director and filmmaker is defined by my deep understanding in various production and storytelling aspects. I know how to make the most out of available recourses of any production. I love to work with flexible teams, great actors and kids. I’m keen to build up a motivating work environment, to explore every idea and create high quality projects.